Challenge your skills

✨ Polyhedricom is an engaging and challenging game where your skills will be put to test. Accept the challenge and climb the global leaderboards!

Polyhedricom - Challenge your skills | Product Hunt
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Amazing features you should try for yourself.

Polyhedricom was built for gamers like you who play by their own rules and aren't going to let anyone get in the way of their dreams. Packed with a handful of amazing features built with ❤️ for you.

Polyhedricom profile screen

Create your custom profile

You will be able to create your own profile and customize it with different things as personalized username, custom profile picture or event show off player titles

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Unlock Achievements

Earn achievements while you play by completing objectives and then show off your friends who is the top Polyhedricom player :)

Polyhedricom gameplay screenshot

Intuitive gameplay mechanics

One target piece, nine pieces that change shape and color, tap on the correct ones and earn points and increase your combo and muliplier to earn more points

Amazing experiences

Polyhedricom offers a handful of experiences that you can enjoy for free of

  • Different Game Modes

    Time Attach, Death Match, Shooting Stars and many more game modes that will come soon.

  • Rankeds

    Compete each season to reach the top of the rankings and stay there as long as you can.

  • Seasonal Experiences

    Each season will be available for a limited time, if you're not there, it won't be available ever again

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Polyhedricom - Challenge your skills | Product Hunt

Free 2 Play

The game is completely free for you to play, you can enjoy all of the features without spending a single cent. There are InApp purchases but are optional and just skins and soundtracks 🔥

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  • Free 2 Play
  • Access to all game play modes
  • Access to seasonal game play modes
  • Unlock achievements
  • Profile personalization
  • Access to InApp purchases
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Is the game free to play?

      Polyhedricom is absolutely and will ever be 100% free to play. We do not have plans to make it a paid app, though we have InApp purchases to make it sustainable :)

    • Can I unlock everything?

      While playing you can unlock everything that we offer for free with seasonal rewards, the exception is some of the content that is in the InApp purchases

    • How do I unlock achievements?

      You only need to have a free Polyhedricom account and start playing the game, you will unlock everything while playing

    • Can I access the rankings for free?

      With just a free Polyhedricom account you can start playing seasonal game modes and climb the leaderboards getting the highest possible scores

    • Do I need to pay to play seasonal game modes?

      No, using a free Polyhedricom account is enough to start playing seasonal game modes :)

    • How long does a season last?

      It depends on the season and the development roadmap that we have, but usually, something along the lines of 3 months

    • Is the game only available for iOS?

      The sad news are that this is true, it is only available for iOS due to performance reasons. In android devices we cannot unlock 60fps to deliver a smooth user experience so, for now, Android is not supported

    • What kind of content is on the in game store?

      Skins and soundtracks, we don't have any content that is pay 2 win as this game is intentionally designed to not being able to include any pay 2 win purchases

    • What about seasonal rewards?

      The seasonal rewards will come in a future update and they will include many different skins and soundtracks and themes and titles to personalize your gameplay experience

    • If I'd like to delete my account, how can I do so?

      If you'd like to delete your account, simply write us an email at and we will get in touch with you with further instructions on how to perform this process